• 2018 National Championship Host Locations

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    Mens A Orillia, ON
    Mens  B St John’s, NL
    Mens C Niagara Falls, ON
    Mens D St John’s, NL
    Mens E Niagara Falls, ON
    Mens 35 Comp Leduc, Alberta
    Mens 35C Leduc, Alberta
    Mens 35D Leduc, Alberta
    Mens 35E Leduc, Alberta
    Mens 50 A Niagara Falls, ON
    Mens 50 IM Niagara Falls, ON
    Mens 50 E Niagara Falls, ON
    Mens 60 Niagara Falls, ON
    Womens A Orillia, ON
    Womens B Niagara Falls, ON
    Womens C Leduc, Alberta
    Womens D St John’s, NL
    Womens 35 Niagara Falls, ON
    Coed Comp St John’s, NL
    Coed C Niagara Falls, ON
    Coed D Niagara Falls, ON
    Coed E St John’s, NL
    Coed Comp SS Leduc, Alberta
    Coed C SS Leduc, Alberta
    Coed D SS Leduc, Alberta
    Coed E SS Leduc, Alberta

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    2017 National Championships Locations

    We are pleased to announce the host locations for the upcoming 2017 National Championships:

    Division Location
    Mens A Orillia, ON
    Mens B Winnipeg, MB
    Mens C Moncton, NB
    Mens D Winnipeg, MB
    Mens E Moncton, NB
    Mens 35 Comp Saskatoon, SK
    Mens 35C Saskatoon, SK
    Mens 35D Saskatoon, SK
    Mens 35E Saskatoon, SK
    Mens 50 A Saskatoon, SK
    Mens 50 IM Saskatoon, SK
    Mens 50 E Saskatoon, SK
    Womens A Orillia, ON
    Womens B Moncton, NB
    Womens C Moncton, NB
    Womens D Winnipeg, MB
    Womens 35 Saskatoon, SK
    Coed Comp Moncton, NB
    Coed C Winnipeg, MB
    Coed D Moncton, NB
    Coed E Winnipeg, MB
    Coed Comp SS Langley, BC
    Coed C SS Langley, BC
    Coed D SS Langley, BC
    Coed E SS Langley, BC